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Adolescent Mental Health Workshops
for Parents and Teachers

  Taking The Psychological Temperature of Your Teen:
What Parents Need to Know About Depression, Personal Alienation and Other Challenges to Teens

Tragic events such as shootings at high schools around the country have focused our attention in recent years on the dangers of missing the signs of depression and alienation among teenagers. This workshop examines the differences between common adolescent ups and downs and more serious problems (including depression, anxiety and eating disorders) and gives parents the tools they need to be successful in reaching their teens who may be struggling psychologically.

What parents will learn:

  • Warning signs of depression/alienation/anxiety/eating disorders in adolescents
  • Effective communication techniques for exploring these issues with one's children
  • Strategies for accessing appropriate resources in the community

  What Teachers Need to Know About Adolescent Depression and Personal Alienation: Effective Responses and Strategies to Build Community One Classsroom at a Time

Sadly, school shootings in recent years have focused our attention on the dangers of missing the signs of depression and alienation among teenagers. This workshop gives teachers the tools they need to be more successful in reaching their students who are struggling psychologically.

What teachers will learn:

  • Warning signs of depression/alienation in adolescents
  • Connections among family problems, peer relations, and alienation
  • Method to assess vulnerability to acting out that may involve injury to self or others
  • Strategies for appropriate teacher intervention and referral
  • Strategies for building supportive classroom environments that increase personalization
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